Mulroney declaration gives birth to another political dynasty

Caroline Mulroney, the daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, has filed her nomination papers in a run to succeed long-time York-Simcoe Conservative MPP Julia Munro at Queen’s Park.

Ms. Mulroney, 43, a lawyer and mother of four children filed on August 2 at Elections Ontario as a nomination candidate for the riding.

“The idea to run here was my own,” Ms. Mulroney said in an interview with the Georgina Post. “I went to Patrick Brown a few years ago and told him I was thinking about running and it has been a long-term process to get to this decision.”

She says she has known Julia Munro for many years and she has been a frequent visitor to the area. “So when I heard about Julia, that is when it all clicked for me,” Ms. Mulroney said.

Ms. Mulroney is married to Toronto investment firm executive Andrew Lapham and the two have recently purchased a home in Jackson’s Point. Ms. Mulroney uses her maiden name professionally and is Vice President of Bloomberg Sen Investment Partners. She sits on the board for the Hospital for SickKids Foundation and is co-founder and Chair of the Shoebox Project for Shelters.

She says she has decided to run for provincial politics because “I feel government has gotten into people’s way. That is the feeling I have and I believe it is a feeling people here have and I want to be part of the team that rights this ship,” she said, adding, the spending and borrowing habits of the Liberal government is putting Ontarians at risk. “The interest on our debt is the largest growing line item in the budget which is crowding out all sorts of services that we need. That is what I am passionate about, she said.”

Ms. Mulroney said although she is new to the riding she is looking forward to meeting the residents and listening to their concerns. “I want to work hard for them and help make life better in the immediate and long term. I hope when they get to know me they will believe in that,” she said. “I believe the PC party has the ability to make life more affordable and once again make Ontario a place where people, businesses and innovation can thrive.”

Ever since Ms. Munro announced her retirement earlier this year, Georgina residents have been speculating on who would run for the nomination of her seat—one she has held in York-Simcoe for 22 years.

It has been no secret that federal Conservative MP Peter Van Loan has been actively recruiting potential nominee candidates but told the Georgina Post that once probable contenders heard Ms. Mulroney was going to run, they threw their support behind her.

“When they met her, they said ‘we have got a great candidate here’,” Mr. Van Loan said.

However, should other nominee candidates come forward between now and the party’s nomination meeting, which could be as early as September 11, a vote will take place among York-Simcoe party association members to announce the winner and the new York-Simcoe conservative candidate.

MPP Julia Munro, who will step down once the provincial election is called, said “I think it is really good and I’m pleased that she (Ms. Mulroney) has made this decision. I certainly think that she has the skills and the kind of personality that people want to see in their elected officials,” Ms. Munro said. “I think she is obviously very capable and certainly easy to talk to and able to quickly assess situations and difficulties.”

Ms. Munro will be at the nomination meeting next month and reflected on how she would be feeling after representing the riding for 22 years.

“I’ve thought about that. It’s very difficult in some ways and in others I know the time has come but I just feel it is time for me to be doing something else,” she said. “But you can’t have done something this long and not have a huge emotional investment. You just have to say to yourself, ‘that was a great time’ and ‘aren’t you lucky’.”

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