I gotta get this off my chest…

Premier Kathleen Wynne is full of crap! She preaches about making Ontario the best province in Canada, that her party cares and will put policies in place to make Ontario stronger. And then, out of the other side of her mouth, she raises hydro rates to pay for the billions of dollars that have been wasted by her party’s stupidity.

I mean how stupid was it to try and build a hydro transmission line through First Nations land without first getting permission to do so? How stupid and irresponsible was it to waste billions on gas-fired power plants just to hang on to a couple of Liberal seats? And, how really dumb was it to sell a publicly-owned utility instead of restructuring the damn thing by getting rid of the fat cats that are feeding on us. And the one colossal decision of dumb, is her determination to continue giving solar power companies exorbitant fees (SOME AS HIGH AS 55 CENTS A KILOWATT HOUR) when we can purchase hydro from Quebec for as little at five cents a kilowatt hour.

And, while all of this stupidity is going on, she wants to ask Ontario businesses to increase their payroll expenses and fall further down the competitiveness scale to pay for her stupid pension idea. But wait, there is more! What about her stupid idea of implementing an Ontario-wide land transfer tax on top of the land transfer taxes already in place. And how stupid was it to give the teachers’ unions $2.5 million to sit across the negotiation table from her. That is like paying the fox to come into the hen house! Stupid, stupid and stupid.

stu·pid  st(y)o͞opəd/   Adjective 

  1. 1.
    lacking intelligence or common sense.
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2 Responses to I gotta get this off my chest…

  1. Bob Cameron says:

    I agree with most of your rant but when it comes to the ORPP all I can say stupid is also not recognizing a problem when there is one. 60% – 70% of Ontarians have little to no Retirement Funds. The idiot HarperCons refused to increase C.P.P. to a liveable amount and so the Ontario Liberals decided to try and do something. Unfortunately the numbers don’t improve much until 20 years down the road. So if you’re going to rant make it equal both the Liberals and Conservatives – Federally and Provincially have not done the job.

    Bob Cameron


  2. No argument there, Bob. But I don’t know if I can afford much more stupidity. LOL

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