A New Year–A New Look

Hello…2015! I don’t really know how we got here—last time I looked it was 2005. I cannot believe how quickly the years have flown by since I decided to start this paper 10 years ago.

In my last issue I announced the name change for the paper to The Georgina Post and while many of you support the change, I did receive emails from Pefferlaw residents who were upset with the news. Here are a few of the comments I received:

“After reading the editor’s message I feel very disappointed. I have always been so proud of the Pefferlaw Post, finally something in Georgina that was ours…”

 “I am just writing to say that I think that it is sad and wrong of you to change the name of the  Pefferlaw Post to the Georgina Post. The name Pefferlaw Post sounds special and makes Pefferlaw special…”

 “Keep up the great work with your publication. I am going to miss calling it the Pefferlaw Post but I’m so glad that you are branching out to include all the areas of Georgina…”

 “Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the Pefferlaw Post! Have been a reader since the very beginning and I always read your paper from cover to cover. Great editorials and comprehensive coverage of the town events. I wish you the best of luck with the expansion!…”

 I am so proud of the emotional attachment Pefferlaw residents have to the Pefferlaw Post. Their passion for it is tremendously moving and it tells me that there is true ownership for this paper and that is an extremely enviable position for a any newspaper to be in.

In my response to these readers I have assured them that the paper will continue to tell their stories as it has always done—its editorial mandate remains intact. I will always make sure that Pefferlaw is fairly represented within the pages of the publication as it rightfully deserves to be. That will not change.

I have always known that Pefferlaw does not take kindly to being ignored nor being invisible among the affairs of Georgina and those were the reasons I took on this job in the first place. You have to know I won’t let that happen.

And so, as we welcome a new year, a new council, a new highway and new business opportunities, I am also welcoming a new decade of publishing a community newspaper that will remain topical, informative and inclusive.

So let’s raise a glass to this new era! Happy New Year!


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