Voters marked ballots for change

The electorate in Georgina voted for change…and change is what they got.  The seven member council will have five new faces on board–Margaret Quirk (Mayor), Dan Fellini (Ward 2), Dave Neeson (Ward 3), Frank Sebo (Ward 4) and Dave Harding (Ward 5). Regional Councillor Danny Wheeler was acclaimed and Naomi Davison was re-elected in Ward 1.

Here is how the evening played out:


Margaret Quirk–Elected  (7,226)

Robert Grossi (4,618)

John Ancuta (367)

Ward 1

Naomi Davison — Re-Elected (2,239)

Michael Phillips (772)

Ward 2

Dan Fellini — Elected (2,268)

Phil Craig (650)

Ward 3

Dave Neeson — Elected (946)

Don Finlayson (585)

Norman Ronka (326)

Gabi von Gans West (98)

Ward 4

Frank Sebo — Elected (776)

John McLean (738)

Art Field (704)

Rob Mullen (113)

Michael Phillips (83)

Ward 5

Dave Harding — Elected (883)

Brad Smockum (430)

Jim Keenan (421)

Congratulations to everyone who ran in this election. Your participation opened up discussion around issues and brought new insight to the table.



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