Voting locations to change

As the municipal election date draws ever closer, preparations are underway by the clerk at the Civic Centre to give voters every opportunity to mark their ballot on October 27.
Georgina has decided to use electronic tabulators to count the votes and a spin-off benefit of that technology means you can cast your ADVANCE vote ANYWHERE in Georgina—except the Pefferlaw Lions Hall.
At the Wednesday, August 13 council meeting, the clerk presented council with a list of polling stations and the one location that was conspicuous by its absence was the Pefferlaw Lions Hall. She told council that Ward 5 residents would have to vote at Morning Glory Public School and the Udora Hall.
When this announcement was made by the Clerk Mayor Rob Grossi just shook his head. “Has anyone asked the people in Pefferlaw what they think about this?,” he asked.
I was also dumbfounded.
I called the Clerk the next morning asking her to justify why a building that is so centrally located, was not being used as a polling station.
She explained that when the building was being assessed for a polling station, it came up short in a couple of areas:
1. it had “accessibility” issues;
2. there was no “wi-fi” for the new electronic tabulator function;
3. it was being used for programming that day.
This made no sense to me at all and this was my response:
1. It has been used as a polling station for years with no complaints about its “accessibility”.
2. Georgina has spent over one million dollars supporting broadband infrastructure and it was scandalous to suggest the hall could not be equipped with wi-fi—especially since the fire hall and library are both connected.
3. Programming could be moved—they’ve done it before.
She thanked me for my input and said although the locations already in place could not be changed, she suggested another location could be added and she would take my comments under advisement.
Earlier this week, I spoke to the Clerk again and she advised me that she had re-evaluated the Pefferlaw Lions Hall as a voting location and was pleased to announce that it has been added to the list of polling stations.
She explained that it would not be available for advance voting as it would only be staffed as a polling station on voting day. And the other caveat was, it would only be open to those voters living in the 502 polling area.
In light of this, those residents living outside the 502 poll but accustomed to voting at the hall should double check their enumeration cards so they are not running all over the place to vote.

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