Sunny south, here I come!

This trip has been a long time coming! What a winter—mind you, it kinda reminds me of the winters we used to have and except for the wind, I’ve enjoyed it.

But it is time for a break and by the time you read this, I’ll be enjoying warmer temperatures, a nice pool and perhaps a beverage (or two) of some type on the pool deck.

I’ve down-loaded a few books on my ipad, have brought along my laptop and given Bell Canada $50 to avoid U.S. roaming charges on my cell phone. So despite this being a ‘holiday’, I will be connected to my office and the Pefferlaw Post on a daily basis.

During my absence, I’ve left the paper in good hands.

Jenn Barr is a third year journalism student from Durham College in Oshawa and she has decided to spend six weeks with the Pefferlaw Post as an intern. She bravely agreed to handle things for me while I’m away and it promises to be a new experience for both of us.

This will be the first time news coverage in this paper has been written by someone else and at first I was a little nervous handing the ship over. 

That was until I met Jenn.

She immediately put my mind at ease with her grasp of newspaper publishing and reporting. I’ve read her stuff and she’s good—not to mention her warm manner and engaging personality.

I’ve told her how warm and friendly this community is and the only problem I foresee is her finding her way around Georgina to attend the various events that she will be covering for me.

I will be back on the 17th of April and I expect all of this snow and ice will be well on its way ‘outta’ here by then. I’ll even carry the sun back in my suitcase if I have to.

Cheers, Karen Wolfe,


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