Why The Pefferlaw Post was created…

I have long felt that Georgina communities and our Brock friends to the east are active and vibrant neighbourhoods. Each and every person living among us has a story to tell and the Pefferlaw Post was designed to bring those stories to light and share them with our neighbours. Traditionally, many of those stories and news items have often gotten buried in the bowels of newspapers serving much larger communities—or the stories don’t even make it to the editorial pages of these publications.

The idea for the Pefferlaw Post came to me one morning over coffee with my father at the Virginia Beach Restaurant. We were watching a barge with a pile driver on it load a number of steel posts for what we supposed, was a dock construction somewhere. At the same time, we watched six police officers pile into the police boat and take off for, what we supposed, were police manoeuvres somewhere. All of the time these two events were unfolding, the Georgina Island ferry was running back and forth from the island with a load full of cars and trucks travelling to and from the island.

As I watched, I wondered what was going on with the barge, the police officers and the ferry passengers. And, I marvelled at how so much was going on in such a short period of time in such a small corner of my community. I wondered what else I was missing.

Having lived in Pefferlaw all my life and been formally educated as a journalist, a vocation I have spent 25 years working in, I decided I had the tools to find out more about what was happening in my community and share that knowledge with you.

The Pefferlaw Post was designed to feature community-oriented stories and news items and social activities. A section entitled “Tennyson Tidbits” pays homage to a 1960s Pefferlaw columnist for a local area paper which contained personal tidbits of information on residents and social engagements. I remember that almost every item ended with the phrase “and a good time was had by all” and that is the spirit in which this column is written today.

Since The Pefferlaw Post began publishing in 2005, it has become a trusted and popular community news source. In 2007, it was awarded a Business Excellence Award and continues to deliver on those principals which were acknowledged with that award.

Of course for us to stay on top of everything, we will need your help. Please feel free to call me with any and all of the news stories you deem relevant . If you have a story idea or wish to contact me, please call (705) 437-1216 or email: karen.wolfe@sympatico.ca In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading!

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